Use Case: Spend Management

Take control of marketing’s investments

“Before Allocadia, we couldn’t answer the question ‘How much did we spend on demand generation in a specific region?’. Now, we can within a day.”

Chethan Chandra | Former Senior Manager of Business Operations

Challenges Marketers Face


Lack of visibility

Marketers struggle to understand how much is being spent, where it is being spent, and when it will hit the books.


Missing the target

Without accurate numbers, marketers miss spend targets and trust in marketing is lost.


Conflicting processes

Finance and marketing manage investments differently, leading to hours spent reconciling budgets and invoices.

CMOs need to assure the board that marketing budgets do not become a black box activity. Without concrete analysis, trust erodes.

Deloitte, Redefining the CMO

With Allocadia, marketers are able to:

In real time, understand planned spend, forecasted spend, actual spend and remaining budget.

Simplify investment management by removing issues like: version control, formula errors or other spreadsheet headaches.

Simplify the reconciliation process by connecting and automating financial data to Allocadia.

Track over- or under-spend for each budget line item, program and department.

Quickly view the actual and forecasted marketing investment mix and course correct when needed.

Marketer Benefits


Simplify financial management

Translate complex financial processes into a language that marketers speak.


Escape spreadsheet chaos

Keep spend data in once place and update it without manual processes and unnecessary data entry.


Get a confident “I”

Build an accurate data source around marketing investments – the “I” in ROI.

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