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Partnering with you to deliver real value

Every marketing organization is on a journey towards running marketing better. We strive to be genuine partners with you along your journey, providing real value at every step.

Software alone doesn’t help you accomplish your goals. Rather, true value comes when a vendor delivers the right combination of technology, expertise, and enablement. We promise to help you get started rapidly and achieve value right away. As an Allocadia customer, your goals become our goals.

Getting started quickly and easily

Wondering what your early days as an Allocadia customer might look like? Our goal is to deliver value as quickly and efficiently as possible, leveraging our internal expertise and keeping the time commitment on the customer’s side to a minimum.

Your First 30 Days

Applies to: customers on all packages

What you can achieve
By the end of your first month with Allocadia, you will have centralized your marketing plans and budgets in the cloud, and will enjoy a consolidated, global view of them. You’ll also be able to easily track and measure your alignment to company and departmental objectives.




Time/Resources on your side*

  • 4-8 days of effort from your Marketing Operations team to partner with us during rollout
  • 1-2 hour live training session(s) for end users
  • Executive review

Days 31-60

(or when you’re ready)

Applies to: customers on our Align & Optimize packages

What you can achieve
After this stage, you’ll be able to track and manage spend against your budget more easily and accurately, which will lead to better alignment and collaboration with your Finance organization. By integrating other tools in your marketing tech stack with Allocadia, your team’s marketers will save time and execute programs more efficiently.


Time/Resources on your side*

  • 4-8 days of effort from your Marketing Operations team to work alongside us to get Allocadia configured optimally for you
  • 2-4 days of time from Finance stakeholders to collaborate with us on integrating Allocadia with your finance system
  • Executive review

Days 61-90

(or when you’re ready)

Applies to: customers on our Optimize package

What you can achieve
The outcome of this stage will be end-to-end visibility into your impact on revenue and other business objectives. Additionally, you’ll understand what’s driving results and what isn’t, and where to reallocate budget on the fly. We’ll unite your marketing results data from CRM and other systems (“R”) with your marketing investment data (“I”) for a true picture of ROI.


Time/Resources on your side*

  • 4-8 days of effort from your Marketing Operations team to work alongside us to get Allocadia configured optimally for you
  • 1 day of time from a stakeholder in analytics or business intelligence, for strategy and review
  • Executive review

*Depending on the size and scope of your marketing organization and marketing technology stack.

Consider these value-added bundles to help kickstart your success with MPM:

Allocadia 10:
For smaller marketing teams
Allocadia Pilot:
for global marketing organizations

Supporting your experience with Allocadia

As an Allocadia customer, you’ll be surrounded by a team of Allocadia experts, each motivated to ensure your goals are met. We build long-term relationships with our customers, working with you to evolve your Allocadia solution as your business needs change.

We support your experience with us in these four pillars:

Onboarding Services

We take onboarding seriously, adopting a white-glove, highly personalized approach to setting up Allocadia to for optimal use in your business.

For us, onboarding means much more than simply deploying software and leaving you to your own devices. Instead, we do the “heavy lifting” and take pride in delivering a complete, functional solution to you — in much less time than you might think.

“I work with one of the world’s largest cybersecurity companies. They came up with an idea for something they wanted to do with Allocadia, a specific way of integrating with their solution. This was definitely a challenge and something new to our team!

My colleague Peter and I sat down and figured it out. Turns out, it was possible! We got it running in a sandbox, showed it to the customer, and they were thrilled. A short time later, the solution went live on their systems. It felt good to meet the customer’s needs in such a specific and useful way.”

Elizabeth McKeown, Professional Services Consultant

Customer Success

Every Allocadia customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) who is highly invested in helping you achieve the outcomes you want to achieve.

Your CSM will get to know you, your end-users, your business and your goals. He or she will marshall all the relevant expertise and resources from within Allocadia and bring them to bear for you throughout your relationship with us, not just at the beginning.

Our customers rave about the positive, trusted relationships they develop with their CSMs.

“When a key Allocadia power-user left one of the large public companies I work with, their internal handover process wasn’t a smooth one. This company was about to close out their quarter, but millions of dollars in marketing spend were still unaccounted for.

I worked with the marketing and finance groups to set up a cross-functional working session. We straightened out every single budget and cost centre. It was a marathon, but at the end of it all, the numbers matched what they were expecting.

As CSMs, it’s our job to step in when exceptional situations come up for our customers. We are there to help them get over any hurdles that come up — big or small.”

Eve Belanger, Customer Success Manager


Any software solution can only bring value if all end-users are fully enabled and can confidently use it to perform their jobs better. That’s why we provide a full complement of education services, including live training classroom sessions, regular “Expert Hours” sessions, a self-serve knowledge base, and a-la-carte assistance. Our Education team’s goal is to give your end-users the confidence they need to for their day-to-day operations in Allocadia.

“Our approach to education and training is to create a fully customized program according to each customer’s needs, no matter how unique or complex. I recently led the training process for a global rollout of Allocadia for a large electronics company.

With hundreds of users and some amazingly intricate processes, it was a challenge to wrap our training into their business. I’m proud of the positive feedback we got on the program we delivered for that customer, which was built specifically for their needs.

The end result? Hundreds of users from around the world got fully trained up on Allocadia in under two months.”

Jennifer Cracklen, Manager of Instructional Design and Facilitation


When you or one of your end-users has a question or needs technical support, we’re there for you.

As an Allocadia customer, you have the backup of a dedicated team of experts who will ensure the success of your day-to-day operations with our software.

More than just a help desk, the members of our Support team will take personal ownership of your cases until they are fully resolved to your satisfaction, and with a speed that far exceeds industry standards.

“I love helping clients learn new things and gain confidence in Allocadia because it means I’ve done my job! With any request, I will try my best to help them understand the features instead of simply doing it for them. I get a lot of satisfaction when I’m able to show clients “how to fish”.

I worked closely with two Allocadia power-users at a large software company with a complex setup. It began with simple requests, and now they’re able to complete those items themselves as well as add new configurations when required. Furthermore, they’re now able to complete complex tasks and we’re happy to assist when they need the extra help.”

Daniel Cossio, Product Support Specialist

Questions about how Allocadia supports long-term value to marketing organizations like yours?