Allocadia Plan & Align

Gain Visibility into a Global, Unified Marketing Plan

"Planning is where data is examined, innovation stimulates, issues raised, conflicts addressed, priorities determined and decisions made."

Allocadia Plan & Align empowers marketers to create, refine and optimize plans to align with overall business goals and maximize results for the company.

Allocate Marketing Investment Strategically

Ensure the plan and investments support both corporate and marketing objectives.

Reduce Complexity of Marketing Planning

Ditch the messy spreadsheets and create consistent, streamlined plans.

Ensure Alignment Across Marketing Teams

Eliminate silos and create a unified global plan that covers the entire team.

Plan for Optimal Performance

Plan against strategic targets and performance indicators and model the revenue impact.

Create a Common Data Structure

Build marketing plans using a consistent taxonomy and enriched metadata.

Have Confident Conversations

Empower marketers to advocate for their plans and investments and own their strategy.

Gain Enterprise Benefits Like:

Align Budgets

Align 100% of your budget to strategic objectives.

Eliminate Waste

Eliminate 10% (or more!) of wasted budget and misaligned spend.

Save Time

Save up to 40% of planning, budgeting and measurement time.

Learn how you can improve how you plan and budget

Allocadia elevates the conversation around marketing action to a strategic level, allowing all marketers in the organization to plan and track against key goals and performance indicators.

Allocadia Plan & Align Key Capabilities

Create a Centralized Plan

Plan all marketing activities and investments in one place. Update plans at any time and automatically roll up changes to the master plan.

Align Marketing Plans with Corporate Objectives

Align marketing activities and investment with CMO and corporate objectives. Associate corporate-level, CMO-level, department-level, and team-level goals with corresponding activities. Merge top-down and bottom-up plans and align both with the CMO’s strategy.

Create the Plan You Want

Define hierarchies, build views, add columns, set required fields, and create formulas. Break down regional barriers and display planned investment in multiple currencies.

Support Global Organizations

Plan in local currencies and roll up to a single master currency across all global marketing plans to provide a unified view.

Capture Rich Data

Define the targeted outcomes for each activity in the plan. Set the right metrics, the right metadata, and the right data structure, in order to measure the plan and to gain powerful insights.

Model Expected Impact

Insert funnel assumptions on how activities and channels will create results. Pre-configure historical conversion rates from every step of the sales funnel and automatically estimate revenue and pipeline impacts.

Plan for Different Scenarios

Create what-if-scenarios and forecast the impact of budget cuts, increases, or shifts.

Align with Go-to-Market Strategies

Define strategic targets such as demand creation, reputation, sales enablement, and market intelligence. Implement the SiriusDecisions Campaign Framework (or any other marketing campaign framework) and ensure they are aligned with go-to-market strategies.

Master the Customer Journey

Ensure marketing activities support corporate objectives to improve customer experience. Plan against each stage of the customer journey by activity type.

Target Investment Mix

Set an investment target mix across every stage of the customer journey, product line, segment and activity type.

Improve Approval Workflow

Submit proposed changes to the plan within Allocadia and manage the approvals process.

Get Actionable Insights

Get actionable insights on how the plan supports target goals, identify gaps, and make necessary changes as needed. Generate easy-to-read reports and dashboards for every stakeholder.

Learn how you can run marketing like a business