Allocadia Measure & Optimize

Measure and Improve Marketing’s Impact on the Business

Quote: "Companies that adopt a marketing analytics approach unlock 10–20% of their marketing budget"

Allocadia Measure & Optimize enables marketers to measure performance, optimize their activities and spend and make data-driven decisions to maximize their impact on the business.

Set the Stage for Better Measurement

Create a consistent way to measure marketing performance across all teams.

Measure ROI and ROMI

Bring accurate investment and results data together to measure marketing’s ROI.

Gain Confidence About Where to Invest

Make decisions based on measurement, double down on what is working.

Optimize Marketing Performance

Maximize resources by identifying activities that are under-performing and course-correct.

Layer on Attribution Models for Advanced ROI

Add attribution models to your ROI reports to make better decisions with different views of campaigns and activities’ performance.

Drive Increased Value to the Business

Measure the impact of marketing activities and campaigns, and adjust plans and investments.

Gain Enterprise Benefits Like:

Increase Impact

Increase Pipeline- to-spend ratio by 2x

Maximize ROI

Increase marketing ROI by 2.5X

Reduce CAC

Reduce customer acquisition costs by 25%

Optimize marketing spend and improve ROI today

We’ve more than doubled our pipeline-to-spend-ratio. Additionally, we’ve had record-setting quarters in terms of total pipeline contribution, despite budgets not going up. We’ve done more with less because we were able to identify and address inefficiencies.

Allocadia Measure & Optimize Key Capabilities

Measure Marketing Impact

Measure marketing performance with metrics such as ROI, pipeline creation, and revenue generation.

Measure Aggregate ROI

Measure and visualize ROI at the organizational, departmental, regional, and product levels.

Apply Attribution Models

Layer attribution models from external systems or leverage Allocadia’s attribution engine (Salesforce only) and get a different set of performance metrics.

Measure Attribution ROI

Measure and visualize ROI at the campaign and activity levels. Combine investment data with results data from attribution models and advanced ROI views. Compare ROI performance and understand which campaigns and activities are most efficient and effective.

See Different ROI Views

Break down ROI measurements by audience segment, campaign, business unit, region, and product line.

Measure Return on Intent

Track results against strategic objectives such as increasing market share and brand awareness to measure “Return on Intent”.

Visualize Performance in an Aggregated View

See how regions, different departments and product lines, perform against the set target. Generate reports from the dashboard to dig into the details.

Visualize Performance by Campaign

See how each campaign or program in the marketing plan performs against its targets and how much revenue it brings in. Generate reports from the dashboard to dig into the details.

Course-Correct as Needed

Generate reports from the dashboard to dig into the details for under-performing activities. Collaborate with teams to course-correct, align with department- or company-wide plans, and adjust investment as needed.

Connect to Data Warehouse and BI Tools

Push Allocadia data to enterprise BI tools and data warehouses to enrich existing data and create custom ROI and cost analysis reports.

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