Allocadia Invest & Execute

Confidently Drive and Manage Marketing’s Investments

Quote: "Half of CMOs don't understand how their budgets are invested."

Allocadia Invest & Execute helps marketers understand where marketing is investing. Monitor actual spend against plans and strategic targets, re-allocate budget and ultimately drive better execution and outcomes for the business.

Gain Visibility into Marketing’s Actual Spend

Centralize spend management, align with financial actuals and gain visibility into investments.

Simplify Marketing’s Financial Management

Translate complex financial processes into the language marketers speak.

Bridge the Gap Between Planning & Execution

From within Allocadia, kick off projects, campaigns and activities in other MarTech systems.

Stay on Budget & Make More Agile Decisions

Track marketing spend and make timely course corrections. Stop reacting and be proactive.

Get an Accurate “I” in ROI

Build an accurate data source around investments–and set the organization up to measure ROI.

Foster a Relationship with the Finance Team

Reduce conflict caused by last-minute spend or over-spend by gaining control of investments.

Gain Enterprise Benefits Like:

Stay on Target

Come within 1% of budget targets

Save Time

Save up to 90% of the time spent creating reports

Reduce Manual Data Entry

Reduce up to 66% of manual input

Take control of marketing’s investments today

We can land our budget within 0.5% of plan every quarter (yes, every was correct). We know exactly what we are spending, where and when needed we can reallocate spend to ensure we meet our plan.

Allocadia Invest & Execute Key Capabilities

Connect Marketing Plan, Budget, and Spend

Connect actual spend to corresponding planned activities and investment in the marketing plan. Track how much is planned to spend, forecasted, committed, already spent, and remaining to spend.

Manage Purchase Orders

Streamline purchase order creation and import PO data into Allocadia. Map each PO to activities in the marketing plan and compare open PO amounts with how much has already been spent.

Simplify Financial Management Processes

Automatically import financial data, including actual spend from finance and PO data, into Allocadia from finance systems. Simplify and reduce time spent on the reconciliation process with Finance.

Connect Data Across Systems

Add Allocadia’s unique ID, created for each activity in the marketing plan, to other MarTech systems that are part of the activity lifecycle and ensure data connectivity.

Check out Allocadia Connect for more information

Support Global Organizations

Simplify exchange rate management. Adopt exchange rates specified by the finance department and ensure when updated they are captured appropriately in each activity in the plan. Roll up plans into a master currency.

Create an Active Forecast

Compare plan, actual spend, POs, and forecast, and adjust the forecast proactively.

See Over- or Under-Spend

Track over- or under-spend for each budget line item, program, and department. Re-allocate budget as needed before it’s too late. Don’t wait until the end of the quarter.

Monitor Investment in the Customer Journey Stages

Track how actual spend support each stage of the customer journey by activity type.

Track Strategic Targets

Monitor actual spend by product line, corporate objectives, region and any type of activity. Track if actual spend is on the path to achieving strategic targets.

Visualize Marketing’s Actual Spend

Get control over marketing investment with insightful dashboards. See where and when Marketing spends its dollars on the dashboard.

Build Financial Management Reports

Get a marketing view of actual spend, account codes, invoice numbers, PO vendors, and dates. Create reports to visualize data from finance systems with corresponding activities in the marketing plan.

Enable Multiple User Roles and Permissions

Invite team members to collaborate on plans. Configure use roles and ensure everyone has access to the proper data.

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