Use Case: Workflow Efficiency

Create efficiency from planning to execution

“Allocadia helps Red Hat run marketing better by giving marketers more time to do marketing.”

David Schermbeck, Senior Business Analyst

Challenges Marketers Face


Double data entry

When marketers manually enter the same data in more than one system, they risk making mistakes.


Time-consuming processes

Disconnected systems multiply manual tasks and fragment processes, aggravating marketers’ daily routines.


Lack of alignment

With processes fragmented across disparate systems, marketing teams remain siloed, inefficient and blind.

We have a mission to make marketing more efficient and it begins with driving improvements to marketing productivity.

Jason Johns | Senior Marketing Ops Manager at Equinix

With Allocadia, Marketers are able to:

Kick-off marketing processes where it all starts – with the plan.

Facilitate purchase orders or purchase requests from within Allocadia.

Kick off campaigns in CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms directly from Allocadia.

Kick off projects in content management systems from Allocadia and connect dollars with content.

Initiate projects in project management systems by using Allocadia to trigger them.

Marketer Benefits


Increase efficiency from planning to execution

Reduce data entry, automate workflows, and align marketing teams.


Act fast and shift efforts to drive impact

Know if efforts are duplicated or if an activity needs support from another part of the business.


Create a great marketer experience

Reduce marketers’ tedious work and let them focus on their real, more exciting job.

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