Use Case: Strategic Alignment

Align marketing’s goals to business goals

“Allocadia elevates the conversation around marketing action to a strategic level, allowing all marketers in the organization to plan and track against key goals and performance indicators.”

Neenu Sharma, VP of Marketing Operations & Analytics

Challenges Marketers Face


Budget at risk

Lack of alignment between marketing activities and business goals put budget at risk because spend is not justified.


Lack of alignment

Marketing leaders have challenges aligning their team’s, goal’s and budget’s with corporate goals.


Inability to maximize value

Without connecting plans and goals to the business marketers struggle to maximize their impact.

Measurement is custom — your strategic dashboard must reflect the dynamics of your industry and the requirements of your enterprise. However, aligning metrics with strategic priorities is nonnegotiable.

Gartner, CMO Spend Survey 2018-2019

With Allocadia, marketers are able to:

Align marketing plans, activities and budget with CMO and corporate objectives.

Connect department, CMO and corporate-level goals and see how they all fit together.

Use dashboards to see how much is budgeted for each activity and which goals it supports.

Identify gaps in the marketing plan and budget and refine and optimize as needed.

Set strategic targets and connect them to each activity and to the budget to show alignment.

Marketer Benefits


Create Alignment

Ensure marketing team goals and activities are aligned with CMO and corporate goals.


Increase visibility

View and track marketing’s efforts and how they support corporate goals – say goodbye to forgotten slide decks!


Empower Marketers

Allow marketers to understand what is needed, why it’s needed and the expected results.

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