Marketing & Finance Story: Pitney Bowes

By June 13, 2019 September 6th, 2019 Customer Interviews

Earning the trust of the finance department

When marketers Allison Smith Terrey (VP of Marketing Operations and Analytics) and Anna Alexander (Manager of Marketing Budget Systems) brought in Allocadia at Pitney Bowes, they had a clear goal: for Marketing to become seen as a trusted ‘advisor’ to the rest of the business — including the Finance group.

The ‘I’ is a strong denominator in the ROI formula. As forward-thinking marketers, we see it as a baseline of success.”
Anna Alexander, Manager of Marketing Budget Systems, Pitney Bowes

Allison and Anna knew that meant having their fingers on the pulse of marketing investments. But such visibility was impossible to achieve with budgets and plans housed in disconnected spreadsheets. Existing finance systems were simply not serving the marketing team’s needs.

They needed a single view of marketing plans, investments, and actual allocations, as well as a way of measuring marketing ROI, and Allocadia gave them exactly that.

Allison and Anna worked to achieve 100% adoption of Allocadia throughout the marketing team. Now, every marketing dollar spent was being planned, managed and measured in once central place. They showcased their progress to the Finance team.

The Finance group embraced Allocadia as the system of record for marketing investments. In fact, the Finance folks at Pitney Bowes believe in Allocadia so strongly that they use the system themselves during their forecasting exercises.

Allocadia helped Pitney Bowes solve a major challenge shared by Marketing and Finance, and built significant alignment and trust between the two departments.

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