How Scott MacGregor Runs Marketing Like a Film Director

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You sit down after a long day at work and turn on the TV. You watch a movie that makes your heart soar, then makes you cry. How can a film make you feel so much? How can it tell a story so convincingly?

There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes before a film parades across the screen. And although most projects are no longer shot on actual film, the director is still in charge of the final motion picture. A film director has to gather everyone together, fund the project, and make a plan. A film director is a visionary, putting together many parts to create stories that make you laugh and cry.

When Scott MacGregor was younger, he worked on film sets as a production and audio assistant. In between replacing broken mics and adjusting sound equipment, he got to see how movies, TV shows, and commercials are put together.

“To make a compelling film, you have to put so many different pieces together. The talent needs to show up at the right time, and your production team needs to be ready for anything– someone has to be in charge of all that,” said Scott.

It’s about the vision

A film director has a vision. He has an idea of what the final product will be, even it’s difficult to see that vision in the thick of every day details.

“Film directors have a bird’s eye view of what’s going on, and that allows them to keep their eyes on a vision,” said Scott. “They pay attention to all the details, too, which give them the ability to turn a good film into a great one.”

Keeping the vision at all times allows a film director to create a compelling, moving film.

It’s about bringing people together

None of us can complete our jobs alone, and a film director is no exception. A film director makes sure that there are enough people to support the vision, and hires based on people’s unique skills.

There’s someone, or a team even, in charge of the talent, someone who manages the sound, and someone else who does makeup.

“At any given time, there might be 50 people or more on set, watching a scene, ready to rush in if there’s a problem,” said Scott. “A lot of people work together to make a film happen.”

It’s about being ready to go

When a film director wants to change something, or there’s a technical issue, the team has to be ready to go.

“If a microphone stops working, which is a pretty common thing to happen on set, someone needs to be there to replace that microphone without interrupting the talent too much,” said Scott.

The team has to be prepared to drop everything to support the vision of the producer and the director. By working together during filming, they can ensure that the final film is magical and mesmerizing.

Scott MacGregor no longer works on set, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up on having a vision, bringing people together, and being able to change course at a moment’s notice.

As the Manager, Marketing Operations and Go-To-Market Technologies at FINCAD, a company that sells software in the capital markets space, Scott must manage to the budget, make sure marketing runs smoothly, and help lead his team to success.

When Scott goes into work each day, he keeps his eye on his vision, but isn’t afraid to get into the nitty-gritty details to ensure that his marketing department is not just good, but great.

Whether Scott MacGregor is working in film or at a high tech software company, he runs marketing like a film director.

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