How Lori Aizer Runs Marketing Like a Globetrotter

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Looking out of the tiny airplane window, I could see my hometown disappear beneath the clouds. I had researched and planned for this, but nothing really prepares you for touchdown in a totally foreign land.

Sitting in one place doesn’t work for Lori Aizer. She caught the travel bug early in life and has been leaping into new adventures ever since. Flying somewhere you’ve never been is both exhilarating and daunting, but the dynamic environments and spontaneous encounters allow Lori to experience some of life’s truest surprises.

Traveling abroad means getting lost, improvising on the road, and handling whatever obstacles come charging your way. It’s not for everyone, but Lori feels completely at home while navigating constant change on unfamiliar terrain.

It’s about mapping your journey

21 countries in 8 months is no walk in the park, especially when it’s your first trip abroad. Before setting out on her backpacking adventure through Europe, Lori knew she had to plot a route and save enough funds to make it happen. Researching local customs and putting together an itinerary was the starting point, but the initial strategy only gets you so far. At a certain point, you have to pack your bags and hit the road.

It’s about getting to know the locals

Crossing borders almost weekly meant Lori had to adapt quickly to each country’s distinct culture, including new languages and conventions. Lori realized that successful execution of her strategy meant she had to shift her day-to-day based on what she learned from people she met on her travels. These new friends helped Lori get a lay of the land and navigate efficiently, which kept her on pace to reach her goal.

It’s about being open to a world of possibility

Ordinary routines are turned upside down when you’re halfway across the globe. “Whether it’s something as simple as hailing a cab or looking for a decent hostel, you’re always pushed into unfamiliar situations,” Lori recalled.

A nomadic existence with minimal creature comforts can take its toll, but it also gives the wanderer an opportunity to see the world with fresh eyes. “When you open your mind to new ways of doing things, travel becomes less about feeling intimidated by the unknown and more about being inspired by it.”

It’s about solving problems on the fly

In a new place, the learning curve can be steep. “Travel is full of moments of sheer joy, but it also tests your grit,” Lori explained. “You’re thrown off your feet all the time,” she added. The obstacles she faced taught Lori to think on the move and solve problems efficiently.

Lori often relied on creative solutions to get herself through the toughest stretches. In fact, she was able to extend a trip to the Middle East by four months when she opted to live on a kibbutz. As part of the commune, she not only contributed to the local economy, but also walked away with unique solutions to everyday challenges.

Lori Aizer Globetrotter

Lori runs marketing like a globetrotter

As the Vice President of Marketing at FINCAD, Lori Aizer leads a fearless group of marketers who help her achieve great things in the marketing world. Together with her team, she is responsible for budgeting, planning, execution, and reporting on the results they achieve.

Planning is integral to her team’s success. Like figuring out how to fit a dozen sights into a five-day trip, Lori has to narrow down her team’s yearly goals and then decide on the monthly objectives needed to reach those goals. To keep pace with the changing landscape, she holds annual and quarterly planning meetings with her team. “I need to build out my schedule so that I don’t miss anything that would be a big deal at the end of it all.” Once the itinerary is confirmed in Allocadia, they’re ready to embark on the journey.

Lori allots individual budgets based on the estimated cost of planned deliverables. Each team member then manages their own budget so they can go the distance. “On a day-to-day basis we’re in execution mode, collaborating with different departments to get speakers and presenters, getting content together, and tackling logistics for events.” Doing marketing means you’re on the go and you can’t fully predict what lies ahead. Any challenges must be faced head-on and resolved on the fly.

In order to be successful, Lori’s role requires a deep understanding of the customer base, especially when breaking into new markets. By building two-way relationships with customers and listening to their unique challenges, just as she would when orienting herself in an unexplored territory, Lori can ensure her team’s campaigns are relevant and addressing key pain points.

To make sure the end destination is always in sight, Lori focuses on tracking and measuring results so that her team can pivot and adjust course based on what works and what doesn’t. “We do tons of lead tracking,” she explained, “our quarterly objectives are MQL and SQL conversion ratios.” Lori’s role in making conversions happen demands a strategic approach based on numbers and data that are constantly changing.

At the end of the day, Lori has to prove the effectiveness of her team’s actions by showing how marketing contributes to the company’s bottom line. She keeps a handle on things by tracking spend in Allocadia and using the results to benchmark progress. Based on the numbers, she can push ahead with confidence, or find new roads altogether.

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