Case Study: Trimble Navigation

By April 3, 2019 September 4th, 2019 Case Studies

“The good thing about Allocadia is that it is one centralized repository for the budget process, and it allows ultimate transparency.”
– Jarrod Krug, Marketing Communications Manager of Building Construction, Trimble Navigation

The Organization
Best known for GPS technology, Trimble is a location-based solutions provider with a wide range of positioning technologies and over 1,800 patents. With products in over 141 countries, Trimble’s marketing team managed their global budgeting and marketing initiatives in spreadsheets. Without real-time transparency, they never had a clear picture of their marketing ROI until the end of each quarter. With Allocadia, Trimble was able to understand their quarterly spend in real-time and stay within 2-3% of budget.

“How am I tracking?” That was the biggest question every quarter for Jarrod Krug, Marketing Communications Manager of Building Construction at Trimble. Each quarter, his team diligently outlined the division’s marketing communications budget on a massive Excel spreadsheet, but he never knew if they were on track until the end of each quarter.

At times, the team would be over and under budget by thousands of dollars. There was no real-time transparency and marketing budgets were a nightmare to manage from that perspective. Using spreadsheets for budgeting was also a time-consuming and frustrating process for Krug’s team. The budget had to be sent over in email, updated frequently and they were prone to error with formulas embedded throughout it.

Krug knew there had to be a better way, so he searched for an alternative, and found Allocadia. “I was assuming there had to be something out there that filled this niche, and we found it.”

His team adopted Allocadia’s marketing budgeting software, and quickly noticed impressive results. They clearly saw areas of duplicate spending that previously went unnoticed on the huge spreadsheet; their quarterly spend has stayed within 2-3% of budget since implementing the software; and the quarter-end budget reconciliation, which used to take up to seven days, is essentially eliminated.

Jarrod Krug says Allocadia’s marketing budgeting software has many valuable features, and its functionality is especially helpful during mergers and acquisitions. Like many companies these days, organizational change keeps Krug’s marketing communications team in flux. “We’ve acquired many companies over the years.”

Krug says Allocadia can help make the marketing integration process a lot smoother. “The good thing about Allocadia is that it is one centralized repository for the budgeting process, and it allows ultimate transparency across all the different customer types, and through acquisitions all the different brands.”

For that reason, Krug plans to broaden Allocadia’s use across his expanding marketing communications department. “Overseas, we’ve acquired an organization that has a massive global presence, and we’re rapidly trying to introduce them to Allocadia.”

With Allocadia, Krug knows the status of his marketing communications budget at any given moment. “I’m able to, at any hour of the day, find out exactly how I’m tracking. There’s no myth about, ‘Are we close?’ Now, we know exactly where we stand. I can see on a quarterly basis, on a yearly basis, I can see monthly, I can interrogate the data and find out where there are deltas from what we planned vs. what we actually spent. We don’t miss the biggies anymore.”

As a result, Krug says there’s no turning back, and Allocadia is a trusted tool for his marketing budgeting process. “This tool quickly became a necessity. It was extremely intuitive. It just became one of the ways we do business. To be honest, if they took it away, I’d cry. They have a customer in us.”

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